Saturday, November 18, 2006

The yellow car is getting fixed today well the roof is anyway. The girl I used to work with Chantelle her husband is a panel beater so he is going to tap out the damage in the roof so I can get a windscreen put in next week and back on the road she will go. I only started it up last night for the first time after being on its roof put some water and oil in and jump started it off the Hyundai and away she went no smoke or anything its hard to kill an old car.

Willow has been sleeping extremely well she is now sleeping through most nights from 8.30-9.oo till about 6am in the morning which is great for us we are now starting to get some sleep.

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Alan said...

That yellow car would live through ww3, and if memory serves me right its on the nippy side 2.