Saturday, November 25, 2006

Willow has started baby swimming lessons and she seem to really enjoy them which is great because going swimming played a big part of my child hood and hopefully hers as well especially since her grandparents live at the beach. I thought she would cry at swimming lessons as in the shower she does not like the water running on her head buts she is happy to have her head under the water in the pool.

Willow took her first baby step last night she has been standing up by herself and walking along walls and furniture but never taken a step by herself until last night even though it was only one step its a start to a fast life on her feet which will mean even more running around after the "willow Paris".

Now I am not one criticize baby names but at swimming yesterday there was a baby called shaquille yes like the basketball player and what a shit name that is and it sounded even worse when the the mother was running around saying come on shaki come here, now shaki that is even worse nick name than its real name.

Well Christmas is fast approaching and I have done most of my Christmas shopping well for done all for the adults just some for willow to do and another one for Rebecca to go and its wrapped up again for another year.

Well I have now bought 9 boxes of beer for the engagement party and I think I need about 16 boxes and some cask wine and we should be set. Our engagement party is going to be on 17 Febuary next year at the Maffra Football Club Old Social rooms.

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de said...

And how many boxes of booze will be left once February comes around... huh huh? that's what I really want to know. ;)