Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Well its been a pretty slow week at work so far just more busy with delivering people's orders than actually selling anything but that's not surprising since people don't really buy lounges or beds for Christmas.

I am working right up to Christmas day finish Sunday evening at 5pm but then I am lucky and have 4 days off in a row which will be good I think we are heading to lakes Entrance on Boxing day for a night and out to Lake Tyres to have my annual boxing bay pint of Guinness at the water wheel tavern.

Garry is going to continue some work on the shed on Friday and put some more frame work up before I get Ashley( I work with his partner Kelly here at Harvey Norman) over to wire up some lights and power points.

We are having a new years eve BBQ and having some friends around hopefully its pretty hard to tie anyone down at present at what they are doing but we have invited some people so we will wait and see what happens and who turns up either way I am not fussed but hopefully some from work will show up and a couple of others.

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