Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yesterday Garry (brother inlaw), Steven ( nephew) amd myself started work on converting half of my shed into a room that will have a bar, pooltable, tv, sound system and a bed in it.
I plan to set my shed up as an entertainment room that guests can also stay in when they stay. We got the dividing wall up yesterday and over the next few months we will seal the room and put a sliding door on the front so the room is completley sealed from the weather for our guests comfort.
We have a pretty small house and there is not always room for people so this was a great idea and killed two birds with one stone I always wanted a bar area and now i will have one a good place for guests to stay so yes Alan, Dee, David, Detmar, Heike, Thomas and Adriana my oversea's friends feel free to visit anytime.

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