Monday, January 29, 2007

We headed off to Lakes Entrance Friday afternoon after i had finished work at 4pm and arrived at about 5.20 and had a BBQ with the parents and my sister and brother in law. We went down the street at about 10pm for a fireworks display as you can see that i captured on my camera and them uploaded to youtube so i could post it on here. The fireworks and music show was of Aboriginal theme with music about us all living together in the one country.

Headed back to Maffra on Saturday to meet up with Scott and Zoe who came down from Melbourne. Had a quiet night with afew bourbon,s and then off to bed. Really did not do much on Sunday watched some cricket with the Australians winning again but atleast a decent match against New Zealand they seem to have some heart unlike England.

I went to melbourne on thursday with my boss to pick up some furniture and had lunch with an old mate paul who used to work with us in Sale but now works at the Chadstone store. We are going to Melbourne again this Thursday night for a Sealy bedding launch and we are staying at a hotel in the city.

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