Monday, February 05, 2007

Headed to melbourne on thursday afternoon at 1pm. We had to make some stops along the way at eccentric trading in oakleigh to look at there new redgum wood furniture range. The the redgum furniture is beautiful but very expensive around 7,500$ for a 9 piece dining setting.
From there we headed into the city where we stayed at crowm plaza on Spencer street about 300 meters from crown casino whic is where we had to go for the Sealy Bedding presentation.. The presentation did not start till 7 so we went to the crown pub for a few beers first which was great as they had some good foreign beers on tap i had a stella, heineken and a Hoegaarden which where all very nice.
Headed off the the Sealy night and where abouy 120 other Harvey norman people also attended. We had a 3 course meal washed down by a continual supply of heineken.
Sealy presented there new range of CSS beds which where very impressive and hopefully we will have few of the models in our shop soon. I would recommend anyone buying a new bed to buy a new Sealy CSS range as there has had a lot of consumer feedback go into there design.
The Sealy function finished around 11 pm and we headed off into the casino to have some more drinks with some other harvey norman men. Got back to the hotel at around 1-1.30.
Got up and left the Crown plaza at around 9am and headed doen to St Kilda as i finally located a shop that sells some of my favourite german beers. Acland Cellars in acland street St Kilda sell over 300 different beers so i bought a 5 liter mini keg of Franziskaner and a 6 pack of Paulaner hefe-weisbier and yes they are great its been 6 months since we where in munich since i last had my hands on these beers. If there is anyone else who likes there foreign beers check out there website its has a great selection on there and they also ship beer out to you at a reasonable rate.
Headed home via harvey norman chadstone's warehouse where we had to pick up a mattress for a customer at our shop.

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