Friday, February 16, 2007

Well it turns out Rebecca got food poisoning. She went to the doctors and yep food poidioning from Chicken so she says no more chicken for me but hay i love my chicken and will carry on eating it.

I took willow on her swimming lesson today and it was great fun. She loves the pool and is happy to go under the water and slide in off the edge. I think maybe she is little too confident for some one who sinks to the bottom. She is a little lazy when it comes to kicking her legs she would prefere to float with dad's help. I make her work at it though if she wont kick i hold her legs and make them kick.

Its going to be 38 tommorow for our engagement party just a litte too hot for my liking but the beer will go down well thats for sure. I went and picked up the key fo the hall this morning and handed over my $200 donation to the maffra football club. The rooms look ok been years since i have been in there they used to hold football club disco's in there after home games when i was a teenager.

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Alan said...

Hope the engagement party went alright? sorry we couldn't be there but what can i say the plane was cancelled and the airport caught fire etc.. etc..

But is still looking good for the wedding! have you set the date yet?

Once again i hope it all went well on saturday and all our best to bec and willow also.

Take care