Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Have seen something quiet different this week something not spotted in quiet a while in these parts "Rain" and on 2 different days it has helped produce some green grass instead of the yellow dead grass you see everywhere.

Rebecca has been ill with gastro and has been in bed for the last few days trying to shake it off but does not seem to be working at this stage.

Willow is just being her crazy self walking and running around. I took her to the supermarket the other day and did not even worry about a trolly to put her in she just walked around with me. Rebecca was horrified as i did not put any shoes on her and she was cruising around the supermarket. Willow was excellent she did not even try to take anything off the shelves. Going through the checkout was a different challenge getting her stand still while i paid was impossible and she was off up the vegie isle with me in pusuit.

I start a weeks holiday on Thursday and can not wait

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