Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well our first week with Geg in charge at work was hard work i think i did more work this week than any other week ever at Harvey Norman but it was GOOD.

We pretty much moves the whole showroom floor around and it now looks 10 times better than at any time before Greg has some great merchandising idea's about grouping products together where as Sturat was like just put it where you like it you see the difference no leadership from Stuart but from Greg the oppersite.

I thought we had maybe seen the end of one of our hottest summers on Record but i was wrong last 2 days been over the 30 degree mark and man its been hot while lifting and moving furniture, but i have the next two days off and they are forecasting rain and yes as i look out the window its raining here.

Garry and i did some work on the shed today we have now run the electrical wire through the walls and are ready for ashley to come and hook the power up to the shed. i cant wait to have the shed finished it will be my house as i say.

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