Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well Easter is here and the eggs have been open and eaten. We made an egg trail for Willow from the bed to the lounge room with little Easter eggs that lead to a big Easter Egg, she loved it her eyes lit up with every egg she found.

I on the other hand got a rush of shit to the brain and started doing some home improvements in the backyard and the shed. Firstly i poisoned the BBQ area is it was terribly over grown with some sort of vine like weed god knows what it is but its a very big pain in my "arse". Hopefully in a week time it will be dead.
From there i started to mow the lawn as the grass is growing flat out which is real change as i have not has to mow lawns for 8 months at one stage is my back yard was a dust bowl, now i have mowed 3 times in the last month and i can tell you it brings me no joy what so ever. I then moved on to creating a veggie garden for Rebecca as she "says" she is growing to grow vegetable's. Between me and you Rebecca is the black hand off death when it comes to the garden one touch well not even a touch just Rebecca looking at them kills them. Moved some sleepers into place for the boundary of the garden just need to buy some soil next week and off we will go. I moved into the shed/bar next and started sanding down the bit of frame work that hangs from the roof. This bit if frame work will still be vi sable once the false roof goes up so i sanded it down and painted it. It looks heaps better than before.
Garry came around and we continued with sone wiring now its 100% ready for the electrician to hook up. We are contuning with the work tommorow where we are going to put in place the false back wall and i am going to make some graden beds with the remaining sleepers that i have.

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