Friday, April 06, 2007

Well we are here in lakes Entrance and its good Friday so happy Easter all and hope everyone has a few days off to Relax.

Got up this morning and had some cold meatloaf on toast much to my mothers disgust she is one of many people who only eats Fish on good Friday,me on the other hand i think its a bit hypocritical as i am not a religious person so why should i all of a sudden change for 1 day of the year.

An update on the home brew situation well both brews are finished, bottled and have been tasted the first brew a brew masters wheat beer turned out OK it tastes better than average but is very gassy maybe a little to much sugar added when you pour a glass its massively heady and takes a while to settle down so its a slow pour. The Second beer a Coopers Mexican taste a lot better i added some lime rind when brewing it so its has subtle lime taste through it when consumed.

Just got to say hello Natalie, Rohan and Travis in Perth.

Guns N Roses have announced an Australia concert tour in July and i plan on buying tickets next week when they go on sale i cant wait along with AC/DC they are my favourite 80'S metal band and its 20 years ago this year that i first seen them in concert in Melbourne in 1987 when i was 14 years old and then I seen again in 1992 on the Use Your Illusion tour in Melbourne where there where 90,000 people in attendance and caused traffic jams in Melbourne.

Back to work tomorrow and then i have Sunday, Monday off, Garry will be doing some more work on the shed and i just cant wait till its finished i have a room full of stuff ready to put up in there along with the bar, couches, pool table, TV, DVD, Video , turntable and surround sound kit. Then if Rebecca tells me i am in the dog house tonight i will quiet happily move down the shed.

Willow is still not sleeping well and continueds to wakes during the night and is hard to get to sleep. Rebecca is taking her to Melbourne to sleep school for 2 days next month hopefully some professionals in this area will be able to sort her out the little monkey.

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