Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Well its been a while since i updated with any writing i am getting slack.

The Wyldbrau house now has power in it the lights are up the power points connected so we are really now moving forward towards the finish of it. Only the roof and the heater/fire now needs to be put in and we are Finished.

Rebecca and i went to Melbourne last week to Tweedle child center. At Tweedle they teach you how to put children to sleep by controlled comforting. I was not a big fan of it maybe i just dont like seeing Willow upset but they tell us its for there own good that they are able to go to sleep without any help. Its hard to sit out the door and listen to her cry and then when i went in the room she was upset and pointing her finger at me really mad at me. I dont find it as hard when at home because she is in a fimilar environment not in some strange room with none of her stuff.

While in Melbourne ( Footscray) i slipped accross to St Kilda to Acland Cellars to pick up some beers as they sell over 300 different beers. I bought some Paulaner, Hofbrau, Franziskaner, Dreher, Staropramen and a dutch beer. When i got home my mate Paul and his Wife Sharon came around and we had some beers all six each and it was a good night and its great to find someone else who has a licking for different beers. We are going to make it a reguallar event and Paul is the assistant bar manager of the Wyldbrau house.

Also called in and visited Scott and Rachel for a quick visit on our way home. I borrowed a guy at works navman GPS system to take to melbourne thjey are very handy but sometimes a bit confusing if you dont know the settings. When going to St Kilda from Footscray it took me right into the CDB of Melbourne and asked me to turn right down king street but there was no right turn so it said go up the next street and turn right once again no right turn. I found it very handy at night but no so during the day as i know my way around Melbourne pretty well.

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de said...

how's the sleeping situation going now? we transitioned Owen to a twin sized bed a month ago and he's been really great, except he knows he can get down and play with his toys now!! so we go back in and just put him back into bed, and say nite-nite. he fusses a little but then eventually falls asleep again. i'm with you on them crying though, the fussing i can do but when O is upset, i feel so bad!