Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Work has been productive commision wise since Stuart left for Western Australia i ahve been making more money but work is not as enjoyable. The now boss Greg is a bosses boss he does not want to be our friends he told us that he is here to do a job and friends only get in the way of that.He only talks to you when he has got something say about work and i find that really piss poor and makes for a bad work environment.

Willow's trip to sleep school worked she is now going to sleep every night at 8pm and going into the cot awake and falling asleep by herself which is great. The day sleeping is no better but atleast she is sleeping well at night all night without one of us having to get up and settle her.

Well work on the Wyldbrau shed has slowed in the last week garry has been on Holiday in Perth and they returned Yesterday so hopefully it will fire up again soon and be finished sooner rather than later.

David my cousin by marrige from england is due to hit our shores next week sometime and hopefully he will pop in for a visit on his trip. David was last here in November of 2004.

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Alan said...

Arrrhhh i remember them days in November 2004 well :d Steak steak and more steak please Becs mum & dad :d

Wont be long now till me, dee and scott grace ur humble Wyldbrau shed for a taste of the amber necter :D