Sunday, June 10, 2007

It’s a beautiful day here today the sun is shinning and its quiet warm outside I don’t even have to wear a coat today. The weather here has been very cold lately well cold by our standards but I assume not as cold as some of my friends in Europe get..

My cousin David contacted me today by text he is Sydney after coming from Manchester and the weather is terrible there is a vast storm along the New South Wales Central coast. There has been a massive amount of rain and Newcastle has been flooded and there is a 220 meter coal ship beached on the main beach. The ship is now causing environmental concerns as it might break up and leak fuel and oil into the ocean. The swells have been 20-40 foot and pushed this massive ship up onto the beach. Numerous people have died a part of the highway has washed away and in Sydney harbour a ferry terminal fell into the ocean..

"The sydney Ferry terminal falls into Sydney harbour"

" The coal ship is beached at Nobby beach Newcastle"

Rebecca starts back at work tonight she has a trial anyway at the Sale Greyhound Club in the bistro. She tells me she does not want to go back to work but I think it will be good for her to do something different than just be a mother, cleaner, house keeper and all around great partner to me. Rebecca has many years experience in this field before stopping work to be Willow’s mummy. Rebecca’s best friend or girl friend as I call her Kylie also works there and will be working with her tonite which will be good for Rebecca.

My mother is going to Perth next weekend my dad is already over there staying with my brother for a week before returning back to lakes Entrance. They have gone over to meet my brothers new girlfriend who he seems quiet serious about..

Queens Birthday holiday tomorrow in Australia even though its not the queens actually birthday and why we celebrate the birthday of a foreign monarch is beyond me. Australia is an independent country and why we still have the British Queen as our queen is bullshit I think. The royals come out here every few years and our government pays for it and that sucks as there must be better things for my taxes to be spent on than that.

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