Saturday, June 09, 2007

Well its the queens birthday long weekend here in Australia a 3 day holiday for many but not me when you work in retail long weekend do not exist as we are open all weekend and i only have Monday off.

Garry and i are going to resume some work on the shed and finish the walls and get onto the roof and then finished. I painted the floors on Thursday on my day off.

Willow has been sleeping very well at nights anyway she is a set routine now where she has a shower at 7.15 and then has a bottle of milk and then straight into bed for a sleep. It seems to be working out fine and she is not really waking during the night and gets up at around 6-7 am which is fine as I am an early riser.

Heading down Melbourne next weekend to do some shopping will be going to Ikea then across to St Kilda to my favorite beer shop to pick up some German classics like paulaner and Franziskaner my old friends. We will be going with Paul and Sharon our friends from Maffra here as Paul like me has an interest in foreign beers so it will be fun.

My boss Greg is finally going to take a day off work he has been at the shop since March 15 and has not taken a day off as off yet except to go to Sydney for a couple of company meetings.

Willow will be in Shrek heaven later today as a friend of mine has a copy of Shrek 3 so at least it will be something different to watch as i think i know every word of Shrek 1&2.

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