Sunday, June 24, 2007

Well another weekend has rolled around again and just the same shit happening as usual work and sleep.

The walls are finished in the Wyldbrau shed all is left is the roof which Garry and i going to get the Roof next Saturdays and hopefully some of that will be put up next Saturday as well and then i can decorate it.

I have some holidays coming up well a week anyway and hopefully David is coming down from Sydney to visit which will be good have not seen David since he was last here in 2004.

Willow went swimming in Friday and i attended and she has now decided that she does not want to jump into the water off the side feet first she would prefer to Dive in so she is happily diving into the water head first with no fear what so ever. She loves the pool and the water the funny thing is she hates me washing her hair in the shower she creams when i put her head under "Go Figure".

Paul and i has a few beer last night out in the Wyldbrau last night we bought this beer last weekend while in Melbourne its a Bavarian beer called Schneider Adventius and its a 12% beer and man was it horrible it tasted like a spirit and left a rather warn horrible taste in one's mouth.

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