Friday, June 29, 2007


Well we have just been through massive bush fires and drought and now have major floods in our area. I had to go home from work yesterday because there was a risk that the Maffra-Sale road that I take home from work might be closed for flood waters.

Glenmaggie weir which the might Macalister river runs through was forced to open it walls ( For my English friends I took you there when you where over in 2004) and let water out which has caused major flooding down stream. 35000 megaliters This amount normally will cause a flood but they had to let go 147000 megaliters yesterday or otherwise it could have affected it structurally it was the equivalent of letting go 2/3 of the weirs capacity. By doing this the Macalister river pretty much rose 11 meters.

The weir and Rivers are full of trees and even parts of bridges that have washed away and are heading down stream. A lot of this is caused by the lack of vegetation in the mountains where the rain started due to the bush fires that ripped through 4 months ago.

My boss Greg is heading back to Newcastle today but was not sure weather he would get through the flood waters at Bairnsdale so he took a chance and did get through there luckily for him .

They are predicting floods at lakes Entrance this afternoon that’s where my folks live. They live on the Gippsland Lakes and the lakes are very full from all the water coming down the rivers plus the there is a king Tide predicted tonight so when you mix the flood waters with a massive tide you will get flooding. My parent’s home should be safe though even though they only live a few hundred meters from the water.

My mate Paul (assistant bar manager at Wyldbrau) is coming over tonight and he is bringing his mini Heineken keg so we will have a few beers and hopefully Garry( builder of the Wyldbrau house) and I will be picking up the roof tomorrow and the pool table on Monday.

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