Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well the David arrived on Friday night after driving from nowra in a 9 hour driving marathon. Just like last time David was here its raining these English people must bring the weather with them. Today is Sunday and its still raining so its a bit hard to take David anywhere but he has re introduced himself to the famous "MAFFRA PIE".

Yesterday Rebecca and i went looking at places for wedding receptions yesterday well at halls anyway because we are going to organize the catering for it.Rebecca's parents SAM and Wilma came with us for a look as they are paying for some of the wedding which is great and i stress "GREAT!". I think we are going to have it where we had our engagement party which was down at the Maffra Football Club.

Rebecca has been running around like a chicken with its head cut off doing wedding stuff she wants it all organized now so there is no little surprises. I on the other hand are not much help she continually tells me but a wedding is meant to be the bride's day so she has an idea in her head what she wants that would certainly clash with my idea's so i leave most of it to her.

Paul and Sharon came around last night and we had a few games of pool out in the Wyldbrau house and i even tapped the beer machine for the first time. I pulled out the 1 liter German steins and we had some Brew's, a home brewed stout that i added vanilla essence to so its nice and mild.

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Alan said...

You didnt tell me you had a pool table in the too!

You holding out on me? or was the lure of the beer form the wyldbar taps enough to make us come over enough.... guess we willnever know lol