Sunday, July 29, 2007

Well its Sunday again I am back here at work once again after yesterday off. Did not do much yesterday just hang out around the house had an afternoon sleep..

I had a work evaluation this week which was very interesting. We where graded on 10 different categories with 4 being the best mark and 1 the worst. In 6 categories I received 4 in 2 categories I received 3 and in the last 2 categories I received a 2. My major downfall in my review was my management or should I say mismanagement of my staff. I don’t delegate enough stuff for them to do I do too much of it myself and I don’t look enough outside of the square I was told.

Paul came around on Friday night so we fired up the fire and played some pool while listening to some classic 80’s metal kiss and Iron maiden. Paul bought around some Grolsch beers and we sampled my new homebrew, it seems alright will be better in a few weeks. I won the pool 5 games to 3 which was better than the flogging I copped off possum the night before where the score was 5 to 1.

My work mate Kelly who came around last week and features promiantly in the video on my website is trying to tell me she thought I was only taking pictures and not film. I told her I am changing the title to Kelly’s boobs and see how many hits I get on it on You-tube them. Kelly is leaving Harvey Norman (half her luck) to work in a clothes store. The store is next door to this shop so we will all still see her regularly.

As for my daughter she is becoming quiet rebellious and very independent or naughty you pick which one. She has a problem listening to her parents Rebecca says she gets that off me. When she goes swimming she wont kick all she does is want to sink to the bottom sands up dives in off the side she is just full of energy and courage. She talks non stop and just babbles on all the time.

My parents are down in Maffra today Dad had to bring me some more wood as I have been burning through it pretty quickly in the shed. Its been the coldest winter on record for a while and is especially cold down the shed at night. It has taken about 2 months to burn through the first load, but it was very draftee because the shed was not sealed properly.

Well I have been reading some travel books and my first 2 possible destinations for our 2010 trip to Europe have been tentatively pencilled in. The Costa Dorada region in Spain and Bucharest in Romania look like places we will visit on our next trip along with some usual place’s like Munich and England this time. We will go and stay with Alan and Dee in England.

Well the way things have been going I will update again next Sunday.

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