Thursday, August 09, 2007

No job anymore

Well sorry i have not updated in a while had a few major things going on in my life this week.

On Tuesday afternoon after thinking about it for several weeks i walked into my bosses office and handed in my resignation effective immediatly. I loved my job but found it impossible to work for and with someone who has some major communication issue's.

This is a man who would sit in his office all day looking at a computer screen and then come out on the floor and say nothing to you in the 5 days before i quit he would have been lucky to spaek to me 10 times and considering i was his 2.I.C i find that unexceptable on all levels.

This is the situation that harvey Norman are in they dont pay enough to there managers so there is no one wanting to be one so they just give anyone a shot and you end with people like Greg.

Who i should say has a great business sence but no communication skills what so ever he thinks getting his point accross means sitting in his office looking down his long pointy noise over his glasses at you and ignoring you is an effective way of communication yeah maybe if you are a monkey.If i had kissed his arse a bit more like the warehouse guy pete maybe i would have been traeted better but hay fuck that i am no ones lacky thats for sure i will leave that to pete.

But you know the funny thing for all his effort and so called business skills and i say so called the shop is doing no better now than when Stuart was there so shows you can change what you like but does not make a difference and Stuart was twice the manager this guy will ever be. So i will recieve a payout of about 6 weeks in total so i have 6 weeks to get a job or the wedding may have to be pushed back but i am pretty sure i will find one i actually have a job interview tonight with leading edge computers and am hopefull of getting one with Dick Smith electronics later in the week.

Well i guess any oversea;s holiday plans i had are now dead and burried i would say till i get another job and the prospect of it paying as well as harvey norman is very low so that shows the depths of my decision that i would leave a good paying job for nothing buy hay you just have to do these things and take a chance every now and then.

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