Tuesday, July 17, 2007

well my 10 days holiday came and went very fast as expected and i am now back in hell again till next time.

David came down for a visit for 6 days which was good to catch up with the dizza for a while he made a marathon 8 hour car drive from Nowra to hear in England that is considered a hole shit load of driving in one day here not so much.

The roof in the Wyldbrau shed is nearly completed on the weekend 90% of it is up and built thanks to Garry and Steven, we may have had all up except we ran out of roofing material.

Wedding plans are advancimg hall, catering and decorator have been booked at this stage.

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Anonymous said...

Hey benny or should i say mark now that we are all grown up with child and wife to be. congratulations old friend. its adam watts . good to see you doing well. adamwatts_3@hotmail.com