Sunday, July 22, 2007

Well the weather has slowly been getting better and the rain has seemed to be gone for now which is great because in winter here you get some ripper days here which is nice and really sunny.

On a less positive note Australia was knocked out of the Asian Cup football tournament by Japan last night in the quarter Finals losing a penalty shoot out, ah well we beat them at the world cup last year.

Last Night the work gang came around and we had drinks, maybe too many drinks by the way I am feeling now and especially too many considering I am at work now and feeling like shit but “You Play You Pay” I guess. It was a good night had by all we played some pool drank some listened to some great music and generally had a ball and for once it was great to do something in Maffra for my and Brad’s sake instead of having too go Sale all the time.

Yesterday the 21 July was 7 years for me working here at Harvey Norman Sale store and I say that’s about 6 years too long. I would love to leave and do something else but the pay keeps me here I left and went to work in another shop there is no way I would get payed what I am getting here and I know money is not everything but by fuck it helps. Working for big business sucks all they want is all mighty dollar mate and they just keep putting the pressure on all the time make more sales, make more profit, cut your wages do this do that what a load of bullshit it is..

I find my thoughts continually drifting to my next overseas holiday which will not be till 2010 if have to get past this bloody wedding first and then start saving for Europe again if I hang out till 2010 I am due long service leave and then we can spend maybe 8 weeks in Europe next time which would be great. I will start researching possible destinations soon or should I say dissecting them as last time I researched and booked everything myself and did not use any travel agents as its cheaper. So I go and a find a place we want to go and then I research the accommodation, public transport, the airport what sights are there, what budget airlines fly there and where from ect ect and I just do that for every city we plan on visiting. Really it needs to be done and researched by about 12 months before you go so you can start shopping for early bird plane fares to Europe because the flight there is the most expensive thing usual around the $2000 mark per person.

I would also like to say hi to an old friend from my high school days Adam Watts who discovered my website somewhere and has since been in touch. Adam moved to Perth when we where in High School.

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