Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Matt and i headed up to this spot called Dermody;s camp up in the foothills of the mountains about 40 kilometers away last week. We used to go up here all the time before we had wives, partners and kids and go swimming, camping and get on the cans. This was the first time i have been up there for about 7 years and its still a beautiful place. When we had walked downto the river you could see about 8-10 very big and i mean big trout sunning themself on the shallow rocks. Matt decided he had a fishing rod in the car and he would have a crack but a bit hard when you have no bait so he had look for some under rocks and stuff but all he found was a little lizard to use. Alas the trout did not like the bait and are still waiting there to be caught. But it was a good trip down memory lane.

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