Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well not much been happening her.

I had some Friends from England call by last week for a few nights and they will be back in a few weeks again. Its great to catch up with old friends who you have not seen for a while it was fun sharing a few beers with mully and meeting Shaun for the first time.The lads are in Australia for 4 weeks they flew into melbourne and are in sydney at present with David another English lad who was also here. David and i are slightly related we are cousins by marrige. Looking forward to there return in a few weeks we are going to go fishing which should be good David does not drink alcohol so we will be able to have a few cans and maybe catch a fish.

I am still enjoying staying at home with Willow i find it really good most days and most of the time. Rebecca has been doing lots of hours at Mc cafe and she really likes the work "but" she does not like all the bullshit that goes along for working at a place with 70 employee's. She had to go to melbourne last week to a barista ( coffe makers) course.

The weather is starting to warm up in this part of the world have had some days in the high 20 lately but still abit fresh at night .

Buying another car this week just an old car we just need it for me to get around town while Rebecca is at work in Sale. Just waiting on a road worthy to be done to tell me what needs doing to it first before i buy it. Its a 1990 mitsubishi magna it was there top of the line magna back then so power windows, air con, power stearing ect. Will no tommorow if its ok to buy.

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