Thursday, November 08, 2007

Well once again i have been very slack with my blog updating i just dont seem to have that much to write about lately.

Willow was a page girl in a wedding last weekend and she looked quiet beautiful. It was Kellie and Ashley wedding, kelly used to work at Harvey Norman with me and we go to dinner with them most Wednesday nights. The Wedding was in sale and it was a good night the food was nice and the alcohol free so it was good . Sat on a table with all Harvey Norman and ex Harvey staff so it was good conversation where sometimes at weddings you sit with people you dont know and it is hard,
It rained so the wedding was held in the reception venue but was still very nice there was some big windows with a river behind so the setting was really nice.Kelly and Ash are off to Queensland for there honeymoon so at least the weather will be nice.

My English mates called back through on Monday night and are leaving today for Melbourne and a flight back to Manchester on Saturday evening.Its been great fun having them here for the last few days. We have had lots of beers and some good laughs. We went on a bit of a pub crawl the yesterday to sale and maffra had some lunch and a few bets on the horses which was fun won nothing but hay. I was just really good to sit around with some guys drink beer and watch some sports, it was like the old times when there was no kids and partners ect.

Well we have aslo had floods again here over the last weekend it decided to rain for 36 hours and caused flooding in the same area's as lat time. It was not really needed again the water was but no so much it killed crops and flooded roads.

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