Sunday, November 25, 2007

Well once again its been a while so thought i better update.

David my English mate/cousin has been staying for the last 2 weeks since the 2 other English lads mully and sean headed home. Its been very enjoyable with David staying we have some good conversations about everything from sport to politics. David is heading off tommorow to ballarat and then Perth and then much to his hate back to the Mother land England.

We have a new prime minister here in Australia Mr Kevin Rudd who i think will do well for the country well i bloody well hope so anyway but he had some good policies while the liberals only had a scare campaign against labor in there Favour. They totally based there campaign in telling people not to trust labor with the economy.

I have been out looking for full time job again as soon i will have to go back to work and Rebecca will be resuming home duties as she is "PREGNANT" again so my time at home is coming to an end. Another baby was a bit unexpected and probably not really what I wanted but hay its happening and i am looking forward to it happening as Rebecca is always sick when she is pregnant. Willow tells us she wants a baby brother i on the other hand do not really care i would be more practical to have another girls but guess i dont really get a say.

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