Friday, December 28, 2007

well Christmas day and all the bullshit that goes with it has come and gone again for another year thank goodness. I am plowing my way through season 1 of heros which i received off my sister for Christmas.We are heading down the beach tonight after work to see Scott, Rach and the kids for the evening and then Monday we are off to my parents house in lakes Entrance for new Years eve and new years day returning home on the Wednesday afternoon.

Rebecca had a good break over christmas from work as the pregnancy has been making her ill along with some other aspects of the pregnancy that have required her to rest more.

Willow is running around playing with all her new toys and watching some new dvd's that she received out of all her presents she seems to like the Cars that i gave her from the Movie Cars, she loves mack, sally, doc and lightening.

The weather here has been warm the last few days since christmas and will be 32 today my brother Wayne who stayed in Perth for christmas would have fried through a 42 degree day on boxing day there.

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