Saturday, January 12, 2008

Happy New Years to all hope you had a good one

Rebecca, willow and I where in lakes Entrance at my parents house for it we seen in the new year on the foreshore watching the fireworks, Willow was asleep by that time but they have a kids fireworks at 9pm as well which was also good to see.Seen the New Year in with a stubby of Heineken well a few of those as it was 36 on new years eve and 40 on new years day.

Thje weather here has been really hot and i mean hot had 3 days over 40 degree so far this year and 5 in the 30 so its been warm good beer drinking weather i say.

Rebecca has dropped back to 4 shifts a week at McDonald's as the pregnancy gets further into it. This baby has been giving her hell compared to the Willow pregnancy. She has been constantly sick which is not good news for her or ME.

Having the playgroup Mummy;s around tonight for a bbq which should be fun i get along well with the husbands so we will have some beers play some pool and darts while the mummy's talk i quess.

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