Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rebbeca her sister Lisa and i went to the Bon Jovi Concert in Melbourne on Saturday night and it was very good. It rained most of the day buy managed to stop for the 2 odd hours that Bon Jovi played. They played a mixture of new and old plus some that were not there's thrown in. Me being a lover of the 80's hard rock scene would have like them to through in a few more old one but at least they sung my favorite Wanted Dead or A live. The concert went for 2 hours 20 minutes and was the first time they had been in Australia for 5 years. I think i liked them more 20 years ago when i seen them with the long hair and the leathers.

We made a day of it we had lunch down in St Kilda on Acland street which also happens to be home to my favorite beer store Acland Cellars so i was able to purchase some of my favorite European beers, Franziskaner, paulaner and Hoegaarden, and i got a bargin a 5 liter barrel of becks for $20.00.After that we headed into the city got parking had alook around for 2 hours then headed to the Sydney Myer Music Bowl to stand in line for Bon Jovi, we cut the line so it was ok. Rebecca loved it as she had never been to a big concert before and she was always a fan of Bon Jovi and i had tisten to her and lisa saying he is so cute. We got back to Maffra about 3 am Sunday morning we had planned to stay in the city but the Australian Open Tennis made it impossible to get a room on the cheap.

We go for our 19 week ultra sound next week and the debate between should we find out the sex or not continues> I want to know what it is so its easier to plan what to but if we need to buy because if its a girl we will have most of the stuff and if its a boy it will help to know what color to paint the room and be able to buy some boys cloths. Rebecca says it will not be a surprise well its not a surprise as far as i am concerned we had sex rebecca got pregnant we have a baby there is no surprise there for me.

I have been working at the Service Station 4-5 days a week for the last few weeks and have another 8 weeks of it to go which is great it will allow us to save some dollars before Rebecca finishes at McDonald's.

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