Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Well once again i have been slack with my updating.

Well my brother was home from Perth 2 weekends ago it was the first time i had seen him in nearly 2 years. He was in town for a 40th birthday for one of his mates. He is now moving back to Victoria from Perth but won be living in Maffra. He will be living in Yarram he thinks which is where near he will be working and about an hour away by car. I stay still does not mean i will see him anymore than now.

My dad was down the weekend Wayne was here and my dad he has been growing vegetables in his gardens for as long as i can remember maybe since JESUS played fullback for Jerusalem i reckon. We my dad he waters and fertilizes then weeds them and totally looks after them and this year he cant grow a tomato. I on the other hand hardly ever water never fertilize and let the weeds grow and i have more tomatoes that you can poke a stick at which i find very funny i had fill up a bag of tomatoes, cucumber and spring onions for him to take home. I have watermelon growing at the moment any cant wait till they grow.

Rebecca and i went for the 20 week ultrasound the other day and baby BOB ( baby on Board) is doing fine nothing wrong that the ultrasound can tell. And no we did not find out what sex the baby was i certainly wanted to but but my dear loving other half said NO. I have started packing up my spare bedroom because it will have to house willow soon and BOB and will move into her room when he arrives in June. I say hang out till July and collect the 5000 dollar baby bonus instead of only 4 in June.The wall unit and computer need moving out and heaps of stuff too the shed. I spent 4 hours cleaning out the shed yesterday and took a trailer of Rubbish to the tip this morning. Its amazing how much shit you can collect without realizing it.

Work at the service station is as good as one could expect at the moment still have another 7 weeks of 30+ hours a week to go there will people are on holidays. Rebecca hates her job well she does not hate the job just a few people she works with. You have to be thick skinned to work at McDonalds thats for sure and always be ready to pull the knives out of your back.

Australia's 2010 world cup qualifiers began tonight in Melbourne when we host Qatar at the Telstra dome which is sold out. We should win and win well especially since our coach has called back most of our European based stars ( Tim Cahill - Everton Fc , Lucas Neil - West Ham Fc, Marco Bresciano - Palermo Fc, Scott McDonald - Celtic Fc, ) just to name a few. Also in our group which is called the Asian group of death is China and Iraq.

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