Friday, March 28, 2008

What a difference a week in the weather makes around this place. Start of last week Easter week we where dying with 38-40 degree days no this week its freezing and there is snow in the hills go figure i say global warming is coming.

And its officially got cold i lit my first fire for the season last night in the shed last night. We had quests for dinner Emily and Andrew came around, us boys headed to the shed after dinner for some beers and watched some Top Gear which is by far the best show ever to come out of England even if you don't like cars or know anything about them its just a crack up.

Willow has had a bad cough for a week or so and the doctor thought she may have Asthma but no he thinks it may just be bronchitis sometimes i think doctors don't know shit. He tells us this after we go and buy the asthma medicine that he had recommended.

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