Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter all hope everyone had a good break if you get one i had 2 days off but had to work the other days so not too bad. Rebecca had to work 3 days of the 4 but she is now finished at McDonald's after yesterday. I am in my final week of 5 days a week for this stint at the service station then back to normal for a week.

Last week we out for dinner to celebrate my parents 65th birthdays had a good 3 course meal it was a good feed had by all.

Next month have 2 trips to Melbourne coming up one to the Zoo rebecca tells me i think Willow will enjoy that very much she loves the animals and one to see Matchbox 20 which will be good too. I first saw Matchbox20 in 1999 so a long time between shows i say.

Rebecca has got this nesting feeling going on and wants to clean everything in site i hate it when she gets like this i say bring on the baby and be gone pregnancy. Well i guess now she has finished work she can nest as much as her little heart wants.

Got a call from my friend David in England yesterday he had been to the darts somewhere in England to see England vrs Europe and loved it I say darts is not a sport its just a pub game so i have started a group on face book called darts is not a sport and sent david an Invitation lets see what sort of response i get from that.

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Alan said...

Cruel, So cruel about the darts.

I went down to Lakeside with him and the others!