Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well i spent my day off today building a trampoline we bought for Willow. Quiet surprisingly it wasn't as hard as i thought it was. One thing Harvey Norman taught me was when building something always follow the instruction and you cant go wrong. Too many people including myself previously just think yeah i can put it together without the instructions no way!. Willow loved it she cant get enough of "jumpy jumpy" as she calls it. It was $200 well spent i seem to think i will be spending alot of time outside i think. I had a tramp when i was younger and me and my mates had a ball on it for years. We used to do crazy shit like jump of the shed roof onto it and jump from the tramp onto mattress it was great. Cant do that now trampoline's have nets around them and warning signs saying no flips no 2 people on at a time ah safety first now not like the old days.

Just watching Ramsay's kitchen got to say its a great show and has really taken off here in a big way it was on very briefly a couple of years ago and i really liked it then. There is talk he is going to open a restaurant at Crown Casino in Melbourne and make a show of it when it happens.His shows have been attracting alot of publicity because of the swearing thats in it, who cares if he says fuck its not as if you don't hear it everyday anyway.

Rebecca has been feeling not well the last week or so , she has found it alot harder this time around more aches and pains involved. Well we only have about 8 weeks or so to go cant wait just bring it on and lets get on with it.

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