Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well not much been going on around here still working 4-5 days a week which is great considering when i took this job i was told 2 days a week. The company i work for Freedom Fuels Australia are also taking over another Service Station in Maffra. One that i used to work at 8 years ago so i will be looking for a more better position there that guarantee's me more than 16 hours a week. In all honesty i would like to find another job back in sales. There is just nothing around here and moving to find one is just not financially viable especially when rental house prices in Melbourne are averaging $400 a week and i pay just over $100 a week to repay my house loan here.

Rebecca is entering the last 2 months of her pregnancy, man i cant wait till she has it she has been very tired and moody but that comes with the situation hay. All is ready though for the arrival. Willow is in her new room and her old room had been made up for the new baby. My shed is overflowing with stuff from the house that has had to be shipped out there. I should have bought shares in a plastic container company we have that many of them sealed up full of stuff from the house.

My brother has settled in Yarram for now and is awaiting the Arrival of his partner Passu from Thailand. She is arriving on the 1st of May so i look forward to meeting her. I am the only one who had not meet her out of the family. Mum, dad, Rosie and garry all went to Perth and meet her when she was out here last year.

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