Thursday, May 08, 2008

Time is slipping by rather fast and new baby now due in only 6 weeks where has the time gone. It was like something that was going to happen but now its reality check time and it will happen soon. Our Doctor is going away and Rebecca will have to be full term for him to be here. He is going to some medical conference in South America but sounds like a holiday to me. He is going to climb to the Inca city in the Andes. half his luck.

It must be a week to tease mark all my overseas friends are holidaying some have been to paris (bastards) some are in spain at the beach ( arseholes). Thats the only thing that shits me about Australia is that we are so far away from the rest of the world no weekend trips to paris from here.

The company i have been working for freedom Fuels have bought another fuel station here in maffra so i am going to pick up some more work there not much but 10-15 hours extra a week which is handy well the money is always handy. I start on saturday night doing a 6 till midnight shift but thats only for this week and then during the day and week next week.

My brothers better half well maybe not because i have not meet her arrives in Australia this week on Friday. I guess we will meet her sometime in the next few weeks.

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