Saturday, May 24, 2008

well i have been a bit slack i see its 2 weeks since i last updated. I have been busy working hard for Freedom Fuels at 2 different sites in maffra.

Well whats been happening? Well last Weekend we went down to Yarram to meet my brothers Passu and her children. It was a good day we had a bbq and some thai food and ended up drinking a heap of Jack Danials. Yarram is about 80-90 kilometers away from here down the South Gippsland Highway.

The Collingwood magpies last night flogged the undefeated Geelong Cats by 86 points which was a mighty shock to all i think even myself i did not even watch it and opted to go out to dinner at Bec and Micks (playgroup friends). I did catch the last quarter though. Had a good night I like Mick he and i are similar so we get along well. Mick is big into the Whiskey and loves a it straight on ice. He only buys the good stuff though like 80-100 dollar bottles. I must admit i had tried Scotch straight before and ice and never really found it to be nice just burned the throat but with good single malt scotch that is aged at least 12 years i just seems to slip down and not burn at all.

Only 4 weeks now till the baby is due so it has turned the doctor said and is in the launch position so it can come at any time now. I just want it out and growing so we can get on with it now. Willow is very excited about the baby she loves baby and last night at bec and micks she was talking and trying to play with baby ruby.

Well winter is just about here just been outside and its the first frost of the year i see and its cold i love the feel of the frozen grass under my feet.

Also happy birthday just gone to a couple of friends of mine Scott in Melbourne and Detmar in Munich hope you had good ones.

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