Thursday, June 12, 2008

Still no baby yet but its got to be soon as we are due in 9 days so it will show its head soon i have no doubt.

I have finally sold the Magna thank fuck for that and went to lakes Entrance on Sunday and picked up the Commodore. Never thought i would have a commodore as i hate holden but hay we do what we have to do. I once read a bumper sticker that said "god created Shit and Holden put it on Wheels". No its very nice of my parents to give us there old car since they have just bought a new car. Its been at the mechanics for the last few days getting some things fixed on it.

Have been sneaking up the golf course hitting practice balls its starting to get better and i am starting to find my swing groove again in a few more weeks i will be ready to get out on the golf course again. I think 5-6 weeks of practice first will do my game a world of good and help me not to embarrass myself. I just need to buy a new driver now and i will be right. Been looking at a TaylorMade R7 and i might have a hit of one tomorrow night at Ray Drummond.

Got Cable Tv put on today not sure who long will keep it for but have to have it for atleast 6 months then we will see. Mainly got in for Rebecca so when she is up feeding the new baby at night there will be at least something on to watch. And yes i will be able to watch the socceroos on Sunday night in their World Cup Qualifier.

Well better go and head to work soon

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