Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well the due date was yesterday we learned we thought it was the 21st. Rebecca ended at the hospital tonight just to check the babies heart beat as it was spiking at times. The Midwife was happy with it so we headed home. They think it might be mini contractions that are pushing the baby in to the birth position. So we got to go home but i am sure we will be back there in the not too far future.

In 2 weeks or so i will be working 5 days a week at the Freedom Foodworks store here in Maffra, its will be ok not what i want to do but hay it pays well so it will do for now.I'm not sure how i feel about 5pm till 12.15am but i guess if i sleep till 9-10 i still get most of the day to do things.

I am now an Official member of the Golf Club and i will be playing Saturday, baby permitting i say. And on Golf Tiger Woods out for the rest of the season i say good thing gives evryone else a go and makes it more exciting not knowing who is going to win.

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Alan said...

Tiger Woods out for the rest of the season, Gives you a chance to shine through and take all the glory then my friend!