Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Moo Moo

Hi All

Well when I had realised that Mark had not made a post in so long I thought I'd do one. It seems like forever since I did one! Everything is going really well at the moment. Marley is great and Willow is being fantastic with her. I thought she would be really rough with her but she is very gentle and everytime she cries she yells out that she's not ok and "needs to be fixed!"

Marley is very different to Willow. She is very content and is quite happy (she has just started crying!) to lay on the floor and kick. Willow on the other hand was always on me and very rarely just layed on the floor by herself. They say that the second is easy but I' not sure if it's just me or she is just really great. We'll go with the she's really great. I've also found some really great friends who help out with everything. I met some of them through playgroup and when that all went bad we stayed together and just do it from homes. There are 7 of us, originally we all had one child each and now we're up to 13 with two more due layer this year. When I had Marley they sent me home with a wonderful nappy cake as a present and ready made foods. Bec and Lauren also dropped off some essentials (lollies and chocolate) to me in hospital. They are fantastic friends and I can't believe I had to have a baby to find them!

Not much else is happening at the moment.

Yaeh yeah i am pretty slack lately with the posts

I;m still trying to play golf some days good somedays bad. Yesterday was was a good day i beat my handicap by 2 shots which is great considering the weather was very windy. It has been one of the coldest and windiest winters we have had in a long time.

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