Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thinking about maybe bringing the blog to an end
I am struggling to find things to write about at present and the motivation to write and the time to write.

Well life has been very busy and only getting busier. Rebecca spends most of her time looking after Marley needs while i take care of Willow's needs which is job in itself i can tell you. She is at the age where every second word is daddy i want this daddy can you get me that daddy listen to me. At the same time you also get the great moments like this morning when she told me i am the best daddy in the world.

Played golf yesterday as usual on a Wednesday did not go very well i need to buy a new pitching wedge hopefully a Titliest Vokey will do if i can find one cheap. Shaun a guy i play golf with we are going to have a hit at Morwell on Sunday which will be good as i have not played any other course bar Maffra since i started playing agian

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