Friday, September 05, 2008

I am sure all Australians but not some of my International readers have herd about the Underbelly TV series based on the Melbourne Gangland wars. I can not tell you that i have seen it as that would be illegal in Victoria but if i had seen it i would tell you its one of the best Australian TV shows i have ever seen. I can see why its currently banned in Victoria still with at least 4 of the characters who are in the show still awaiting trail in Victoria for Murders that where portrayed in the TV series.If there is anyone left in Victoria who has not seen Underbelly hopefully it will be on the small screen soon.

Ah the weather has finally started to get better and we are seeing some beautiful spring days happening now well in the this part of Victoria anyway its been fantastic it was great out on the golf course this week.

Its hard to believe that Willow will be 3 years old soon it only seems like yesterday that she was born and i was sitting in the maternity ward for 17 hours. She is real little miss and the terrible 2 is true and i am fearful of the frightening 3's. Her mother insists on having another birthday party for her again this year ( yes Rachel have given you plenty of notice so you can come).Since we are having a party for her Rebecca has started a mission to clean up the back yard so she has been busy buying new plants and preparing the garden beds for them.

I went and played golf at Yallourn Golf Club on Wednesday its about 70 kilometers away, its a good challenging course a lot harder than Maffra. It is good to go and play another course it makes you think about your golf more.

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