Thursday, August 28, 2008

Poor Marley she is sick at present she has a bad cold and is sneezing and has a dripping nose all the time. She is a trooper though and is getting through it. She is ment to have her needles today but not sure if the doctor will give it to her since she is sick. Time flies by she was 9 weeks old on Tuesday just gone. Speaking about time flying i am turning 35 on Friday, where did it all go who knows but i am not one to celebrate my birthday whats to celebrate about getting older. Willow will also be 3 in just over a months time ( Rachel we are having a party for willow first weekend in October just giving you some notice so you and Scott can come up).

The golf is going well had my best score yet since resuming playing yesterday, had a 77 for 18 holes which is pretty good a 5 over the par of 72 holes, Could have been better considering i played 4 over for 2 holes and 1 over for 16 holes.

Work has been pretty good starting to actually not mind it at present, the days go fast as there is always something to do there which is very different from some of my past jobs and the people i work with are very nice.

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