Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I attended Salefest last weekend and had an absolute ball. Salefest is an organized pub crawl basically. They had 6 venue's in town with bands playing all for you to go to at certain times, mind you there is nothing saying you had to move from one to the other. I managed to go to 5 of the 6 venue's and only did not go the other one was the line was out to the road. Every year they have a theme this year it was school so lots of people dressed up in school uniforms, and yes girls still look hot in school uniforms. I went with Andrew ( Rebecca gets together with his other half the lovely Emily for play group)and we had a ball. We started at the Star Hotel at around 3.30 m moved on to the Sale hotel, then the gippy Hotel wanded into Jack Ryans Irish Bar then bypassed the Kas bar as the line was too long and finally onto Ringers night club. It had been a few years since i had last been to Ringers. Rebecca was pregnant with Willow last visit there but in my free and single days it used to be an every weekend visit Friday and Saturday nights.I bailed and headed home about 11 that was long enough i really enjoyed it but would not want to do it every weekend again. I say Bring on salefest 2009.

Well my work hours are changing again i have gained some but there is a sacrifice it means starting work at 4.15am two morning a week. To me i like it it means my day of work is over by 11.15 am which i like, may even be able to sneak in some golf afterwards.

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