Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Well its been well over a month since i last updated yes i am getting slack and the blog just does not do it for me as it once did so i would say that post will get more and more less frequent as time goes by.

Well isn't it good to see petrol prices falling finally it has come down by around 40 cents a liter here but that nothing compared to the 100 dollars a barrel that oil has come down. We are just unlucky that the Aussie dollar's arse has fallen out of it other wise it would be much cheaper still.

On Saturday went to a BBQ at Lee Blakes house which was great it was also attended by some other old mates like Hags. Scott and Rachel made the trip down from Melbourne and a good time was had by all. I got stuck into the Woodstock 9 percent Bourbon Cans that lee did not like. I can tell you i was highly pissed by the end of the night and don't remember much of the trip home.

Marley is growing all the time she was 5 months old yesterday and she already has 3 teeth. She just rolls around every where. We have started her on farax ( infant rice cereal)and she loves it. She is such a different baby than willow so much easier less demanding.One similarity is that both have never had a dummy or even wanted one when offered . I think thats good as its one less thing they need to be taught to give up. Willow is now very much fully toilet trained she does both wee and poo on the toilet which is great she still wears a nappy to bed but come the warmer weather we will do away with that too.

Have not been playing so much golf lately but still about once a week, i love playing my golf and its a real challenge or frustration depending on the day. Golf is the greatest solo sport on the planet you play one day and play really well and you can come out the nest day and play like shit for no apparent reason. It does my Fucking head in sometimes!.

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