Thursday, January 08, 2009

Well the silly season has come and gone again and we have it all to look forward to again this year.

I had to work on Christmas day for a few hours which was ok it was pretty busy so time went fast. It was from 2.00pm till 5.30pm so it was mid afternoon and i still got to have Christmas lunch and dinner with our respective families. The Anderson's for Lunch and the Wyld's for dinner.The kids got plenty of presents as one would expect. Willow seems more keen to play with marley's toys than her own.

On the 27th we went down to Seaspray for the afternoon to see Scott and rachel as they where camping down there again this year. It was not a very good day sun was out but it was windy. Willow was very keen to go in the ocean. We went down there and there was a channel when you first get in there about 3 foot deep and about 10 foot wide then a very shallow sand bar about a foot deep. Willow was fine until she wanted to chase a wave in and fell into the deeper channel. And that was it she was out of there in a flash and used one of her favorite saying "I don't think thats a good Idea!". Spent the afternoon down there having some beers and chatting.

Went to lakes Entrance on New Years eve and had a BBQ at my parents house. My sister and brother where there. We stayed and watched the kids fireworks at 9.30pm and then drove back to maffra arriving back at 11.35. Got the children into bed and asleep waited till the clock struck 12 and we where in bed by 12.03am 1st january 2009. It was probably the quietest New Years Eve i have spent since turning 18.

Some hot weather has finally struck in the New years had a few days over 30 in the last few weeks. We took willow out swimming the blue pools near Briagolong on Tuesday she loved it its a beautiful spot out in the bush with a great fresh water swimming hole.

I have to work all weekend this week which sucks but hay a man has to make a living some how i guess but i could think of better ways to do it but hay it allows me plenty of time to spend with my girls and even allows the odd game or two of golf every week.

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