Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hi Everyone!!

It has been a long time. Mark has been struggling to find things to write about lately so he has asked me to finally do a post! We are all doing great. I had my 30th birthday party on Saturday night (my birthday is on 25th December) and had a great time! We had old Harvey Norman friends there and some of my playgroup friends there as well. I got absolutely spoilt by everyone, especially my friend Emily, her partner Andrew and their wonderful kids Tye and Imogen. She even got me a cake, the first that is not at all associated with christmas in afew years! Everyone needs friends like them. It was also nice that some friends that we have not seen in awhile came as well. We had some problems awhile back and it seems to be sorted now, which is great!

Well onto my babies. Willow is getting ready to start 3's kinder in February. We have been shopping for some things for her and I think she is very excited. I'm more on the scared side. It has come so fast and I just thought that it wouldn't. I know that I am going to cry on the first day and she is going to just wave goodbye and have a great time! Marley, well she is just unstoppable! She's commando crawling all over the place. She thinks she is pretty special when she gets into Willow's room and Willow is listening to one of her Hi-5 C.D's. She gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth! Willow swears she is dancing and loves it! The only problem is she is so quick and she's discovered the two holes in our bathroom floor an heads straight for them. So now we have to have the door shut which is a problem for Willow!

This warm weather has been hard on Marley, she doesn't seem to deal well with it. But she is a water baby! We took both the girls down to the pool and she is more than happy to paddle around the baby pool in her floater! Because she can touch the bottom she can push off and go wherever she likes! Willow loves it too. We are finally seeing the benefits of having her in swimming lessons for nearly 2 years! She is very confident but sometimes too confident.

Mark and I have not been up to much. He has just been working and playing golf. Some people have the life! If he is not playing golf he's talking to his golf "boyfriends", watching golf or unfortunately crapping on to me about bloody golf. I am now officially a golf widow!I am supposed to be going back to work at the start of next month but I am thinking of leaving it till later. Marley is still feeding so I will re-assess it in a couple more months. There's no hurry, plus because she is my last baby I want to spend as much time with her as possible, she's grown so fast!

Anyway hope this finds you all well and having a great new year so far! I will try to post more things more often or give some ideas to Mark!


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