Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well 3 months since my last post i have really let this get away from me. I think the personal blog is dying quick these days with the advent of facebook and twitter ect. Everyone can know what you are doing by just logging onto there. I must admit i have had lots of fun with this blog and i will endevour to keep posting and post more regualr here.

Easter has come and gone again for another year we spent part of it in lakes Entrance at my parents house. Rebecca and i had some time to sneak off to the Water Wheel tavern in lake Tyers for a pint or 2 of Guinness. Its just such a great pub on the foreshore of the lake over looking the ocean. The night we where out there there where some people out in the middle of the lake letting off fireworks. I mean good fireworks too not little ones big big suckers that lit the lake up and echoed around the valley it was excellent.

Been buying some camping gear, got a tent yesterday its a beauty 9 person dome tent. We plan on doing some camping in the summer months with some friend who are also keen to do it. I think it will be good for the girls to experience camping in there childhood. When i was little i have some very fond memories of family camping trips to Wilson's Promotory, Lakes Entrance and even one to Sydney. In todays hard economic times it makes sence to go camping. Its cheaper way cheaper , you can probably get a camp site for 5 days for what it would cost you for one night at an apartment or a flat. Even cheaper if you bush costs you nothing to camp. Bec being FEMALE though says we cant go anywhere where there is no toilet ,i told her take a shovel and dig a hole. Anyway willow and i are going to set the tent up Saturday night and camp out in the backyard just to see how it goes and make sure all the parts are there, she is really excited about it.

Kids are doing fine marley is standing up and trying walk in bits but she is so fast moving around you have to watch her all the time.

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