Friday, July 08, 2005

Lets welcome Rebecca back to the Blog!

Well today Rebecca is going write a post for the blog. This is only the second time Rebecca has posted on here. She "mostly" enjoys reading my blog and sometimes disagrees with what I am saying but they are my thoughts after all.

Hi Everyone, Mark has finally conned me into writing again! Things have been going really well lately and I am finally over the "all day" sickness. It has got me stuffed where they came up with the saying morning sickness. I think Peanut has had a major growth spurt in the last couple of days as my tummy really sticks out now and it was really sore for two or three days last week. Peanut's room or the Babyship Enterprise as I call it, (the room reminds me of the ship on star trek as it seems to have everything! That is what sleepless nights do to you!) is almost done and the last few things that we need are on layby so we should be all ready to go when the big day rocks up!!

For awhile I was finding the whole pregnancy thing a little lonely but I have had afew visits from friends and Mark's family of late, so that has really picked me up. I also spend a lot of time with Mark's sister Rosie which is great. My immediate family is close by and we see them regularly (being my mum, dad, sister and 3 brothers) but as for the extended family we see them rarely. But most of that is left to Mark's side of the family as they are all close especially some of his cousins so we see them all the time. Peanut will never be in need of friends when we holiday in Lakes Entrance at Christmas with Mark's family and his friends Scott and Rachel and their two children. I have realised how important a close nit and large family will be for the baby as it was something I had when I was very young and it always kept me occupied even if there were age gaps and I had to wait afew years for another cousin to come along.

I also think that the loneliness was helped along by the fact that I have not worked since I was 13 weeks pregnant. I worked in a pub so there was always someone to talk to and customers wanting a chat and if you know me I am always up for a chat!! But it is nice when I go down the street now and a lot of the regular customers ask me how I am going and say that they miss me and that I am still their favourite waitress. Then I get "when are you coming back" which I really have no idea about or even if I would get my old job back. I will have to wait and see. Well I think that is all for now and your eyes are probably sore from reading so much! I promise that I will post again VERY soon. Take Care.
Bec (or Rebecca as Mark insists on calling me.)


Alan said...

Is nice to see you back on the blog becs :-)

Thanks for signing my guestmap earlier and I look forward to seeing you three soon too.

de said...

Hi Bec! sounds like things are going well for you guys. And it sounds like you popped! Any new belly photos?

We only have a cradle for Baby Ike.. that's it! Toilet paper for cover.. ha ha ha!!! You guys are putting us to shame here!