Thursday, August 18, 2005

Doctors Visit Week 33/34

We had our fortnightly visit to Dr Wright today.

Baby peanut has assumed the launch position he/she is head first and on his side and getting ready to exit the mum. Rebecca's blood pressure is fine and the doctor is very happy with how it all is going. Rebecca is still in denial and happily admits to it. We really have to start thinking about a name or it might end up being called peanut.

We start weekly visits from next week with Rebecca only having 6 and half weeks to go.

Finally all that chocolate is starting to weigh heavy she has put on 2.5 kilograms this fortnight and she is shattered she happily says that this block of chocolate is her last, yeah right and pigs might fly.


De said...

Glad to read things are going well! Time is surely flying by now... it won't be long!

And thanks Bec, I am feeling better now. :) He's shifted a little, yay!

Angie said...

Well now! The brain reacts the same to chocolate as it does to sex. You weigh the tables happy/postorgasmic/satisfied woman vs. the one you lived with last week? LMFAO

Krista said...


Nevermind the weight, tell her to enjoy it now as much as possible now, 'cause chocolate is sadly one of those substances that tends to disagree with breastfeeding babies tummies so she may be forced to give it up soon. Then again, maybe not.

It occurs to me while reading, Rebecca's due date sounds like it's practically the same day as mine?

Oct 11th ?

You guys must be getting so excited, it's so close now!

Take care of yourself and your hunny.

And no, we don't have a name yet either!

Sobia said...

hi, first time here. thanks for visiting my blog...hope that baby gets here soon!