Friday, November 18, 2005

We are staying in Australia

Well the Ireland job is not happening i officially found out yesterday.

Garry Brown rang me and said that I was well qualified and that he went in to bat for me but in the end they where not willing to pay me what i needed to take a partner and child with me, he said if i was single they would have sent me in a flash which is a bit dissapointing to know that the company i work for arnt employeing the best person just the one they can offord.

He went on to tell me that it had been noted at head office that I may get an oppertunity in the future for further promotion within the company in Australia.

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de said...

I suppose things happen for a reason... and it is so their loss. They may end up paying for it in the end, anyway.

How's the family? Willow is growing like a weed, huh. I still can't believe we have this baby boy, who is like two months old now and getting so smart.

Its amazing how they progress mentally and physically. I think back to the first days... *sigh*

Okay I am like SOOO just jabbering.So update your site, will you!